International Training Programme
国際研修計画국제훈련계획  / chương trình đào tạo quốc tế
programme de formation international / programa de formación internacional / internationales Ausbildungsprogramm
Located at the heart of central Taiwan, CHINA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (CMUH) offers clinical training programmes across multiple medical specialties.
Training programmes are divided into two major levels:
for licensed doctors with at least 1 year of experience and are looking for advanced specialty or relevant sub-specialty training, and
for foreign medical students in the final years of study seeking internships or elective placement.
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Contact us
Ms Jennie Hsin-Yu Chang 張芯瑜
(Fellowship & Observership applications)
886-4-22052121 ext.#2352
Ms Luna Chie-Ju Lin 林潔茹
(Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery fellowship)
886-4-22052121 ext.#4855